Does eventing equal insanity?

Jeg vil blogge om noget fornuftigt her til aften, da vi tager af sted til Nordisk i morgen og jeg derfor ikke får skrevet noget sindsoprivende der.

Da jeg kan forstå, at dansk for en svensker er ganske svært (jeg forstår udmærket svensk), vil jeg fortsætte på engelsk.

Is eventing insane?
It's a sport among the most dangerous in the world - riding as it is and especially eventing.

So is eventing insane as well as dressage may be completely sane? Or is a ride in the paddock just as dangerous as a cross country fence?

I believe that whatever you might do in life will - in some way - be dangerous. Every little thing can cause serious damages on you or someone else. As I see it the thing is how you are prepared for the challenge. Some riding accidents are just exactly that: accidents! This February a Danish horse - one of the few really nice eventing horses we have here - lost its life in Portugal. Both rider and horse were very experienced, but in an a-tempo combination, the horse tried to jump the two fences as an oxer. This caused fatal consequences - the horse (who was about to win the CIC2*) broke a frontleg and couldn't be saved.

In America one of their National Dressage Team Riders went to the paddock to walk a horse. It fell over its own legs and BAM, right upon her, so she broke her neck. I can't remember if she died or ended in coma.

My point is:
Accidents happen - all the time. In all disciplines and in all sports.
But insanity is when you go into something you are not ready for. In eventing: if you or your horse don't have the courage, the training, the shape, the condition or just aren't ready for the task..

Eventing is not insane. Riders can be insane.

Postat av: Michelle

virkligen bra inlägg!

2011-07-06 @ 11:59:34
Postat av: Daniella

Håller med! Det kan ju hända när som helst, även fast man bara går promenad med hästen. Bra inlägg :)

2011-07-06 @ 15:03:03

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